Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flight of Reflection...

I dreamed I saw two flight attendants in the forward galley of a plane... They were standing near the cabin keenly observing the passengers- though none of the passengers seemed to notice the flight attendants at all. One of the attendants was holding a small mirror-- reflecting light rays onto passengers, while the other attendant gave seat numbers and coordinates. They then zeroed in on one man in particular reading a newspaper. I heard the “coordinating” flight attendant speaking in a very soft but serious tone to the mirror holder, saying, “...up a little, now over, that’s it, right there...” And then I saw an intense light ray pinpointing the man’s heart. After a few moments, the man seemed to perceive something, for he started shifting uneasily in his seat. But the light reflecting attendant kept the light straight on his heart. Finally the man was so uncomfortable in the “hot seat” that he actually swatted at something in the air... but he still couldn’t see the light... or the flight attendant shining it ... Then I woke up.

What I just came to realize is that I was actually in this dream... holding the mirror... trying to shine my light on someone who used to call me “angel” but sadly never did see my light...

Monday, April 13, 2009

What's in a Name...?

I found myself wondering why a certain “Angie” from my childhood– who I haven’t spoken to in 20 years- spoke the main line in my last dream... and why another “Angie” from childhood had poignantly appeared in my glass house dream... and then the obvious hit me: Angela... angel. But then (almost jokingly!) I found myself wondering why God hadn’t used my cousin, Angela, instead of two Angie’s I hardly know anymore... Would you believe, my cousin Angela sent me a forward today- a petition for the sovereignty of Florida- almost in direct reply to my last "city-state" dream of which she knew nothing! I signed the petition, of course, and marveled at the Angelic confirmations!

p.s. the day after I posted "Buying Time" with the city-state reference, my mother heard on the news that certain cities are going to start printing their own currency!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Buying Time...

March 2009 

I dreamed I was on a field trip of sorts... with one of my best girlfriends, my sister and a friend from childhood. Our teacher had us lined up in pairs, and my girlfriend, Ana, and I were the last pair in line. We were lagging behind at one point trying to look at some pretty shoes in a shoe store, until the teacher said firmly “Let’s go girls! There’s no time for that!” We quickly got back in line and continued following the teacher. The pair in front of us was a couple of men. They were clowning around, and the teacher said to Ana and me, “Those two are in big trouble when we get home.” Farther ahead of us were a couple of children, who kept wandering off to the left and right of the line. The teacher spoke again to Ana and me, “Do not let those children out of your sight!” We listened and kept close watch on the children... Later we were on a bus headed home, and my sister and I were sitting next to each other comparing notes on what God had said to us during the trip... My sister, Michelle, said “Angie got a word– a date– from God.” I knew that Ana had also gotten a calendar date from God, so I asked excitedly, “What was it?? Ana got one too!” And Michelle said that Angie heard, “November 24th, 10 years from now, you will have to start buying time in slices... from your city-state.” It was the same date Ana had received, and I then realized it was an indication of the end times. I immediately thought, “Why am I so concerned with having a baby-- who might not live past the age of 10... when there are so many children in need right now...” 

Then I woke up. 

My first thought on waking was that the world was going to end in just over ten years! But I quickly remembered the scripture that only the Father knows the exact day and hour of the world’s end. (Matt. 24:36) Still, the dream was a clear warning sign of the times... and of the precious, little remaining time we are too often spending on material things.  The “Teacher” cautioned us, instead, to be greatly concerned for the children, while commenting also on those in trouble when we got “...home.” The city-state reference was a mystery to me... though I had a vague idea of what it might mean due to our growing identity crisis as a nation. So I prayed for more understanding... 

This morning I opened my Bible and saw this: “Then Jesus criticized the cities where he did most of his miracles, because the people did not change their lives and stop sinning... ‘How terrible for you, Korazin! How terrible for you, Bethsaida! ...on the Judgment Day it will be better for Tyre and Sidon than for you. And you, Capernaum, will you be lifted up to heaven? No, you will be thrown down to the depths. If the miracles I did in you had happened in Sodom, its people would have stopped sinning, and it would still be a city today.” (Matt. 11:20-23) Clearly, the Lord is considering cities- even towns- as small groups to be dealt with according to their sinfulness. I then did a keyword search on “city-state” and found this: “Historical city-states include... the Phoenician cities of Canaan (such as Tyre and Sidon).” Talk about confirmation! In reading further, I learned that the historical Italian City States were a flourishing and “remarkable political phenomenon” which came to rise after the fall of the Roman Empire. I could not help recalling talk of “seceding from the union” recently heard at Tea Parties across our crumbling American Empire.

Whether the message here is that city-states are on the American horizon...or that God recognizes us on an individual basis regardless of our collective shared space... or both... one thing is clear. Our national blessing “God bless America” is falling through the cracks of an increasingly divided United States. The melting pot is melting down, our core ingredients watered down in a bland melange of people with little to no zest for life or its’ worth. Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything... except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” (Matt. 5:13). America and the world are running out of salt... and time... Very soon it may be through prayer and supplication only that we can even hope to buy slices of time.... on and under God’s close watch. ~Mary Beth Lavin

Running the Human Race...

March 2009

The Eve of Man’s Manipulation

Dying for designer genes
Trying every pair
Custom tailored human beings
Skinny, straight or flare

We the people have a greed
A better breed’s the answer
Our Narcissistic virus only
Spreading like a cancer

Scientists increase their scope
Scalpels, needles, knives
Off they go down the slope
Crashing into lives

They break into the master plan
And make a master copy
They save the finest specimen
And throw away the floppy

Oh highest tech intellect
Think about the scar
Think before dissecting us
Discerning who we are

You scrub away and scour
And carefully inspect us
With microscopic power
Proclaiming you perfect us

Yet slipping down the slope we go
Into the deep abyss below
Close your eyes and hide your face
Oh harrowed, hollowed human race...

copyright Mary Beth Lavin/Lavinia Publishing 2009

State of Af'fairs'...

Jan. 23, 2009

A recent dream...

I was in a glass house on the beach, right at the water’s edge. I was standing in the house with my best friend from my Catholic elementary school- whose parents owned the house. Right next to the house was an amusement park with plenty of people and rides in full swing. I was watching with growing apprehension as the ocean waves crashed against the glass house and swirled around the fairgrounds– which were not grounds but sand. The fair goers, however, were oblivious as they were all riding the rides high above the waters. I asked my friend, incredulously, “Don’t your parents realize this house is not safe?” She looked sad and did not answer. We climbed the stairs to the second floor and stood in her parent’s bedroom furnished with only an empty bed. Then we went up to the attic and stood in her childhood bedroom. I continued watching the turbulent waters below which were steadily rising and said, “You have to get out of here!” Then I asked, “Where are your parents? Where is your mother?” She answered that her mother was at the af'fair' with Barack Obama. Then I woke up.

Only after days of reflection did I begin to understand this dream more in its entirety. The turbulent waters and fragile glass house are clearly a sign of the times. As a nation, we have become as flimsy, unprotected houses on shifting sand, paying no attention to the foundation of our homes or our lives. Instead, we have been at the fair “riding high” on the pleasure principle for a long time. And now the majority, Christians included and even many of our own parents--or teachers, are lost in a love affair with a mere man who has been called a savior. In these times of unforeseen foreclosure, can we foresee that we, as a country, risk losing our home... and much more, until we return to building on higher ground and the solid foundation of God...

~Mary Beth Lavin

Class Division...

November 2008

The night of the presidential election, when it was clear who would become the next U.S. president, an airplane flew into my head. Apart from the obvious interpretation of national insecurity, I perceived another meaning in very plane language: First class will always be outnumbered by economy... Indeed, with this election, the economy Americans have spoken-- putting the economy before the value of life and its' protection.

I can only say I am proud to be in the minority of first class on this flight... for true wealth is measured in much deeper values...


Weak Walls and Whitewash...

August, 2008

A few nights ago, at the Saddleback debate, McCain said something that left me a little uneasy... He said we should "eliminate" evil wherever it arises... which makes me very weary at the thought of more war. I found myself between a rock and a hard place on the war issue, since obviously all Christians want peace... but how do you keep the peace in the face of evil like 9/11? So I decided to pray for God’s counsel on this...

This morning, I opened my Bible and found my finger laying on this verse:

Ezekiel 13:10-12

10 " '...they lead my people the wrong way by saying, "Peace!" when there is no peace. When the people build a weak wall, the [false] prophets cover it with whitewash to make it look strong.11 So tell those who cover a weak wall with whitewash that it will fall down. Rain will pour down, hailstones will fall, and a stormy wind will break the wall down.12 When the wall has fallen, people will ask you, "Where is the whitewash you used on the wall?"

That was enough confirmation for me! No whitewashing the White House! Clearly John McCain- committed to a strong defense of life on all fronts- gets my vote!


The Golden Gate(s)...

May 2008, Rome

A few days ago I had a strange dream...

I was on one side of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco– which is strange because I’ve never been to the Golden Gate bridge. The bay was dangerously high and regularly flooding the bridge, so that the only way to cross it was to sort of ride the waves and hope the water would carry your car safely to the other side.

That worked for a while until the bridge was completely covered and impassable. It was then that a sort of lift was created to carry individuals across, one by one. The lift required each passenger to travel in a certain safety position, which was, specifically, kneeling with your face down. Anyone who was not in this position was removed from the lift. The lift conductor then told me that a huge storm was coming when not even the lift would be operating... He pointed on a calendar to the numbers 9, 10 & 11... then I woke up.